Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Closed For The Season

Hi friends and neighbors,

With the cold weather and our ongoing house renovation project, we've decided to close down TrailSpeak until next spring. Thank you all for your wonderful responses to the kiosk's questions.

~ Rebecca and Chapin

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Current Question: What one event in history would you change...and why?

September / October Answers:
  • The extinction of the dinosaurs. Why? We'd have awesome hunting.
  • Me being bad. ~ Kenadee
  • I would have met my love Theresa sooner so we could have spent even more wonderful years together.
  • Make the reparations imposed on Germany after WWI less harsh. Perhaps this would have prevented their economic collapse which enabled the Nazi's rise to power.
  • I would stop the invention of the wheel so that people would have been more inclined to stay home rather than spreading their stuff on other people's fields. ~ Steph
  • My birth, then I would bear no witness to human's decline.
  • Stop Hitler no later than Czechoslovakia to avoid WWII.
  • The colonization of "primitive" peoples, which then lead to civil wars, genocide, etc.
  • Bush being "elected".
  • I would change it so that nobody would steal stuff.
  • The dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It ushered in a whole new world of violent possibilities that will never be taken back.
  • The invention of welding and forging steel. There would be no guns, cars or mechanized farms.
  • I would change the fact that I ever met Anne.
  • I would take back September 11 -- we wouldn't be scared into really bad decisions.
  • No war because people die a lot. ~ Ella
  • We should have let the South secede the first time.
  • Dan Qualye letting GMO food to the market without any long-term knowledge of the experiment on our food supply, on human beings and plants and animals.
  • The total destruction and desecration of Indian land and culture.
  • I wouldn't change anything. If we change an event it would only happen at another time and place.
  • The birth Jesus Christ. We've been cursed ever since with the arrogant concept that the son of God came to earth...we are all sons and daughters of the great spirit.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

What is your most embarassing moment?

August Answers:

We can't wait to see what our public will reveal. Some of the hardest moments in our lives. Often ones we will never forget no matter how hard we try...
  • When my mom calls me squiggy in front of everyone. - Theodore
  • I am embarrassed that I have nothing to say that you would print.
  • When my brother put something in someone else's pocket. - Eva
  • Wow, free pen. Thanks!
  • I crashed into the bagel store in Shelburne two years ago!
  • I was skate boarding with a frozen blended coffee and hit a pebble on Church St. The drink hit the ground forming a perfect puddle which I landed in in front of some of the most attractive people I would never meet. :(
  • One time I pushed back too hard on my bike pedal and fell off my seat. - Sammy, age 5
  • I was in class leaning in my seat, fell backward hit my head on the water fountain.
  • When I was in first grade I was heading out of school with everyone. A teacher came up to me and pulled on my dress...it was caught in my backpack! - Juliana
  • When I was 11, my parents at the supper table told jokes about the moile who circumcised me and what an awful job he did.
  • When I got sick and had to go to bed at my own birthday sleepover. - E.P., age 11
  • Once my next door neighbors pulled down my pants, ALida, age 7
  • Once, I accidentally "fluffed" after prom when I was sleeping in the car with my boyfriend of 2 months. Luckily he wasn't too grossed out.
  • Tired from shopping I walked into a 3-way mirror and said "Oh, excuse me, I'm sorry" to myself!
  • A classic -- my skirt was tucked all the way into my nylons in the back -- full butt exposure -- walking down the hall in high school
  • When I was four, I passed gas on an airplane and said "I have gas" - A. from S. Burlington
  • I labelled a power point presentation as my power point, but abbreviated it "my pp" so at a talk of lots of scientists it opened up on the big screen as "my pp"
  • Going to the beach with my bikini on, but forgetting I was still wearing a front closure bra that I had simply unhooked the late night prior. I didn't discover what I'd done until I was at a busy beach on the Cape...and I had to try and wrestle off the bra with everyone behind me.
  • I guess I've had a few...once I stood up in fourth grade to recite a story and I was so thin (at the time) that my skirt fell down in front of the whole class! Going to school was a little harder for the rest of the spring. - Karen
  • When I was seven, we were at my grandpa's house in Oklahoma for Christmas. I fell off the top bunk one morning with the whole family sitting around the bunkhouse drinking coffee. Uncles, aunts, cousins, grandpa, parents, everybody laughed. So embarrassing. - Coyote
  • I don't get embarrassed too easily...so after cutting a male client's hair in Burlington, he noticed this funny wire poking out of my shirt. It was the underwire from my bra! So I wore it as a head band for the rest of the day. Not embarrassing, just funny.
  • I was 15 and in Cancun with my family. I wanted to be off in the water alone to look cool or whatever. I was taken by a wave and came up topless. A man came over and asked me if I was ok? I was completely embarrassed and feeling very uncool.
  • I was 15 and my super cool cousin who was in a SKA band invited me to come to his practice. I had a huge crush on his trumpet player and was trying to be cool and was too busy doing so to notice the spring loaded door which consequently slammed on my head. Not cool! Or the time I set off the fire alarm at the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore when I was with my girl scout troop. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT.
  • I "shorted" in the 6th grade and my brother told all my friends even when my mom told him not to.
  • At the World Boy Scout Jamboree Alberta 1983. They had these big latrine tents -- the "stalls" only partioned on the bottom, so you could see other people from the chest up. I walking into one, saw several guys -- and as a very self conscious teenager, I immediately left without relieving myself. I found another latrine tent with nobody inside, so I rushed in, took a seat, and hoped I could finish before anyone came in. Halfway through, two women appeared at the door of the tent. I startled and the immediately left -- but called from the outside of the tent that I was in the women's bathroom. Oops! At least they were kind enough to guard the door until I finished... - Dave, Jericho, VT

Monday, July 16, 2007

What Is One Thing To Make Burlington A Better Town?

  • Wireless internet in City parks
  • Livable wages for Burlington School District support staff
  • Buses that run on Sundays
  • Less roads and more trees and bike paths
  • More dirty secrets
  • Better public transit
  • Progressives who would start acting progressive and listen to the people who love this town!
  • More people just like me...and Chapin - Liam (Thanks Liam, you get extra credit for this answer)
  • Less police violence and less pedophiles
  • More code enforcement so families will stay in Burlington
  • Real good men in their 30's ;-)
  • My ex-girlfriend moving!
  • Recycle bins on the bike path. Maybe 1 or 2 at each park area. Thanks for your service.
  • College students who don't litter or swear when they're standing outside the bars. One thing the town doesn't need - another yoga studio.
  • A little taqueria right next to Speeder & Earls on Pine Street. Nothing fancy - just a stand with real Mexican food, open early in the morning and late at night for hungry people. I will run it if someone will fund it! I'll use all green products, too. - Graciela P.
  • More alternative energy like wind and solar
  • Improved bike lanes
  • No open container law on Church Street
  • Get more New Yorkers to move here! Love, Fundarr
  • More Folk Food patties! hee, hee
  • More hours of bus service - evenings and weekends (love your surveys)
  • Jobs, affordable housing and free ice cream on Tuesday.
  • The first Friday art opening should include outdoor music events. - Seth
  • More control over loitering and pan handling. :-)
  • A carless downtown like Copenhagen. Thanks!
  • A good skatepark. No bad cops.
  • Eliminate graffiti.
  • Free buses and public transportation for all! - Heather
  • Affordable housing.
  • Church Street should be run by the city or community -- not by an organization.
  • More bike lanes in town, better public transportation, and more jobs.
  • Get rid of Moran plant and build recreation center / marketplace / parking / commercial space.
  • Less Progressives.
  • Make Burlington smoke free. Ban smoking.
  • Decriminalize marijuana.
  • Connect bike path to others in the region
  • Increase the amount of forested open space that is available to the public -- five times what we have now, at least
  • I would like to see the bike path plowed and salted during the winter. - Dr. Dave
  • Repair this great bike path that we have. It is so beat.
  • Fix our transportation problems- crossing lights, paths, streets, sidewalks. The police need to enforce and the city needs to provide.
  • More trails like this one. More buses like College St. shuttle.
  • More Minorities!
  • More Single Men!
  • NO HIPPIES!!! and the evaporation of annoying grassroots bull#$%* like this stupid "trailspeak" thing. Please take this thing down and stop disrupting my peaceful commute to work.
  • A real network of bike paths, specifically for transportation- no pedestrians taking up path dawdling over entire lane area- which is OK for a wreck (sic) path, but for real commuters-bike commuters. That would dramatically improve B-town area.
  • Maintain bikepath
  • People should stop running redlights.
  • Cleaner lake areas. Ecoli- eww
  • Remove the stinky water /sewage treatment plant from the waterfront.
  • Lower taxes/ Cleaner lake/ more bikepaths.
  • More variety in people and political viewpoints (though there's not much anyone can do about this one)
  • Burlington would be a much better place if Bill Jones would marry me. Potter
  • More bikes, less cars!
I am amazed how many people want more and better transportation and bike facilities. I just warms my heart- rg

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Who is your hero or heroine?

July 2007 Answers:
  • Chris Bliss...sense of balance (Check out the YouTube video and you will see why)
  • Gib Mach- my dad- He was a positive influence in many lives and a super role model.
  • Marin Luther King, Jr. and Starhawk- Great courage and power thru nonviolent activism.
  • My hero is my son, who faces the challenge of multiple disabilities with grace, dignity, patience and perseverance.
  • My mom & my husband - when my son was born at home and the midwife didn't show up in time, they delivered my son. No firetrucks or 911 necessary. We call them our local heroes.
  • My late grandmother (Nonny) is my heroine. Her husband died when my mom was only 2. She also had a one year old, a three year old and five other children. She had to raise these 8 children on her own as well as run the family business. She even took in two foster children. She was very independent and always happy. She taught me to always enjoy life no matter what life hands you. - Deb R.
  • My mom who fought cancer and almost won. She taught me how to fight hard.
  • Muhammad Ali - Outstanding moral principles and courage to stand up for them. Plus the greatest boxer of our time! Pacifist, warrior, hero.
  • Michael Moore, you're my hero.
  • My dad 'cause he's got some crazy stories
  • Mahatma Ghandi for standing up in the face of oppression
  • Sir Richard Burton - an English explorer/spy in the 18th century India who made great strides in language and culture. He was kind of a jerk though.
  • My hero is Jesus Christ. He died for me. He rose for me. He lives for me. And has a home prepared for me in heaven!!
  • John Lennon - he was fearless
  • Jesus Christ - he died for us
  • James Bond- RJW
  • Georgia O'Keefe for one
  • Desmond Tutu
  • Carry Weed- PKC
  • My teacher, Miss McMorris/ my mom
  • Bobby Kennedy. He brought the hopes of equality to all people.
  • Dad, he rocks
  • Charlie the Unicorn- he lost a kidney for comedy... :)
  • Joseph Stalin for bringing so many people together forever.
  • Oprah. CH
  • Truth is so transcendent that we depend on it more than it will ever depend on us. SK
  • The Buddah for sharing a path for peace
  • Ceasar Millan, rehabilitates dogs while training people- Go dog whisperer!
  • Superman- need we say more...
  • mom and dad
  • my hero is anyone who can face the reality of our world and not be discouraged.
  • Joan Benoit who won the 1st Olympic women's marathon in 1984 in Los Angeles. When she was way ahead of the pack and alone on the LA freeway all the commentators predicted she'd "never last." She went on to win! I still admire her. It was a great moment for women and sports.
  • Superman
  • Gary Snyder- Award wining poet, proactive environmentalist has lived a diverse life following his won rules and path and came out as a humble role model.
  • My hero- for the moment is Madeline Kunin- who paved the way for women in Vermont and justice in Europe and a healthy environment!
  • My mom! Because she has such an open mind and youthful spirit at almost 80!
  • Pat Tillman- Gave up Million $ Triggered to serve by 9/11/01

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What Is Your Least Favorite Food? And Why?

Your Answers:
  • Cooked spinach. I love fresh spinach, but the mushy cooked stuff is gross.
  • Animal liver, because everything passes through the liver.
  • Eggplant, ewww! - Arielle
  • Seafood is gross. Yuck. - Eve
  • Purple grapes with seeds. I hate the gooey texture and the bitterness of the seeds when I bite into them.
  • Brussel spouts. My parents always made me eat them
  • French fries. I love them, I want them, I lust after them -- then I hate myself for eating them -- so they are my least favorite.
  • Jello, the texture makes me remember that I'm eating cow's hoofs.
  • No food is my least favorite. - Justin B
  • This is a tricky question. There is so much tasty food! Hmm, Guess it would have to be soft-boiled eggs. Too runny...but fried and hard boiled are yummy!
  • Crow, definitely crow. Hate eating crow. It offends the palate of self denial. - Poet of the north
  • Caviar!
  • Fake anything, like fake butter, artificial "vanilla" and those weird tofu hot dogs and tofurkeys. Give me the real stuff.
  • Any veggies except green beans, salad stuff and corn on the cob
  • Andouille - French blood sausage. Ick!
  • Liver and onions (plain liver is even worse)
  • Swiss cheese - it tastes weird
  • Broccoli - the taste
  • Sea urchin (ocean poop)
  • Buffalo nuts
  • Mom: lima beans (texture, yuk) Kids: mayo (Dad loves both)
  • Jello, because I really have no idea what is in it and it wiggles in a very scary way on a spoon!
  • Marshmellows
  • Mayo, because I always have to fill containers of it at work, and it has no taste and is bad for you!
  • Four legged animals! They taste bad and are bad for the environment.
  • 5 day old hot dogs. Yuck!
  • Beets! They smell bad and are not good.
  • Asparagus - tastes icky and makes your pee smell funny
  • Banana ice cream - Seth
  • Eggplant
  • I hate liver. It feels like velvet in my mouth.
  • Any food that isn't fresh, whole, and local, and non-organic foods. My digestive system flourishes when it is nourished by sustainable food production!
  • Liver, because I do not like the taste of it and the smell. Thank you.
  • Sushi made with "natti" - thoe gooey, stringy, slimy fermented soy sludge. - Ron
  • Spinach, because i just don't like spinach. -E
  • Cow skin boiled- because of its nasty taste and how it goes to slime in my mouth. Ate it in N. Camaroon. -M
  • There isn't really any food that I've tried that I don't like. But, eggplant and artichokes top my list of least favs- too sour and too hard to prepare.. unless breaded and deep fried. :) Long trail girl
  • Meat! tt
  • Mystery meat.. self explanatory.
  • Grapefruit! It makes everything too bitter, but I love Fresca!
  • Once I thought there was nothing one could do to mess up something as perfect as cheese. And then I tried Goat cheese. Yuck!
  • If it walks, breathes, reproduces, poops and makes a noise, it's icky- says Jana.
  • Meat... because I'm a stinky hippy-ass vegetarian.
  • Rocks
  • Peanut butter because it makes me constipated! All day!
  • Gross jello. It's alien.
  • Lima beans. had to eat 2 each time served as a kid.
  • Fried foods because they are not good for you.
  • Lamb. Poor Mary
  • Brussel sprouts. Gross. - Jeff, Charlotte NC
  • Bananas, because they are mushy and disgusting
  • "Potetklubb" - Norwegian for potato club
  • Humans - then I'd be an cannibal

Monday, June 18, 2007

What is the best thing about your dad?

In honor of Father's day...

This question received a lot of answers. Check it out...
  • My dad made the best fried-egg sandwiches
  • He plays all the sports with me and is good at baking. - Ella
  • I like to play fight with him - Sammy, age 5
  • How strong he is - Alida, age 7
  • I like his hair.- Eliot age 2
  • He is cool. We bike and have fun together.
  • He is retired and now works for me. Couldn't ask for anyone better!
  • He believes in Jesus Christ.
  • The guy is a freakin' comedian.
  • His integrity - Mark
  • His love of nature - Barb
  • His generosity and friendliness - Ron
  • Integrity
  • He taught me how to skip stones and he was really awesome at it too (more than 12 times with one stone)
  • His gratitude and kindness
  • He loves my humor and gives perfect advice
  • His big bear hugs and warm, gruff personality
  • He was a cowboy and he loved me very much - Coyote
  • The fact that he's my dad ;)
  • He's really nice and funny
  • He's the most self-less person I know. I love him. - Karrie
  • He's just fun to be with!
  • That he has a great sense of humor, is a little goofy and knows more about math than anyone really needs or wants to know.
  • Hmmm...He flys a plane, and sometimes flies me and my friends to places...very convenient.
  • He always seems to know the right thing to say when you need a smile
  • My dad reminds me of pontoon boats and sailboats! Katie
  • I like my Dad's SMILE! HE always smiles and he's always optimistic, unlike me sometimes. -Jess
  • My dad is dependable, responsible, always there when you need him. He's friendly a dn has a great smile. He also has great moral values. - Deb
  • My dad is always there for me. -Max
  • Pop has unending enthusiasm for hikes, bikes, skis etc. Aways up for it, encouraging me.
  • His easy going personality. He never gets upset.
  • His smile
  • His self-confidence, which he passed along to me.
  • He plays baseball with me. -Ella
  • He's wise, kind and loves good food and wine.
  • That he pays me well.
  • He's smart, environmentally conscious, he believes in me and loves me. P.S. makes the best popcorn ever!!
  • My dad's compassion for all people.
  • I like him... no I love him. Matt age 32
  • He loves me unconditionally.
  • Have you got nothing better to do!!!! - Dave

Monday, June 11, 2007

Should the penny be decommissioned? Why or Why not?

June 11-18, 2007 Answers:
  • Yes!! They are annoying and aren't worth the metal they are made of.
  • Heck yes! Down with Pennies!
    • 1.They're not worth the time it takes to pick them up.
    • 2.They're so dirty all the time.
    • 3.It cost 1.4cents to manufacture one penny.
    • 4. New Zealand did away with them and they are doing just fine.
    • Let's round to the nearest nickel!
  • No, because if you drill a hole in a penny it's cheaper than buying a washer!
  • Yes. I believe pennies are useless, they cost more to produce than they are worth, sooo make them worth 2cents!- Liam
  • A penny for your thoughts, 3 penny theatre, a penny saved is a penny earned, penny ante, penny royal, pennywaist, George Penny Washington, the penny colossus, where will this erosion of our culture end? When will the hate stop? Is there a God blessing our country anymore? Why do you even ask an evil abomination of a question like this? A penny for your thoughts.
  • Yes it should. For years (20+) overseas in the military PX's they have rounded up or down.
  • The sooner the better.
  • This is a good idea. Kudos to you folks. I read about this little artistic/neighborly vision in the paper. Pennies are good -- it gives us hope that things will be cheap.
  • No. Everything would be four cents more.
  • It depends. If I had a penny for every time I passed by a dead skunk this past week in the middle of the Intervale trail -- well, we could just use the nickel (actually it was the same dead skunk each time).
  • No, because Lincoln rocks!
  • No way! It would be unamericanful.
  • Yes. Really too small an amount to make any use today.
  • Yes because its unnecessary in its consumption of energy and materials, both in its production and recycling.
  • Yes, but we would need good warning so we could cash in the 400,00o pennies that we each have in jars. And Lincoln need a new assignment.
  • Jana says "no way"! What would I save for a rainy day?
  • No, if they were decommissioned, there would be no lucky days.
  • No, if they are decommissioned, my loafers would be bare!
  • Yes, in New Zealand there are no pennies and tax is included in the price. What you see is what you pay -- all in multiples of 5. Easy!
  • No, because then I would be officially 'old'!
  • Yes, it is useless. Australia laughs at us for still using it. They round up.
  • What about "a good luck penny" or "a penny for your thoughts"? I like pennies just because we have always had them...and besides everything is changing too fast!
  • No, I think pennies allow us to feel like we are getting more for our $! I say bring back the hay penny.
  • No, the penny should stay as a symbolical memory of Abraham Lincoln. Apart from that, saving up pennies for a long time can have some results.
  • No, how will I save my pennies? Every cent counts. $9.99 isn't $10.
  • Yes, no one uses it anyway. It's more of a pain to carry them than they are worth.
  • No, I like the penny.
  • Yes, it costs more money to make than it's worth!
  • Yes, because it's easier for kindergarteners to count. Alida, age 7
  • Absolutely!
  • Yes, because it's a hassle -- make them 5 cents and up.
  • No. Having the lowest denomination as something other than one is wrong. Copper is beautiful. Abraham Lincoln deserves it. Nothing will ever cost 99 cents again. Stamps will have to be raised in 5 cent increments. Everything will ultimately cost more. Those pennies add up. It ruins the base 10 system for our $. We should bring back the gold dollar coin, though.
  • Yes, and let's get rid of nickels and dimes too! - Gary
  • Yes. Why? Because it is such a small amount of money. Lots of pennies are dropped on the ground along sides of parking lots and meters (due to angry people and meters not taking pennies). Can you imagine the amount of pennies lost or just dropped on the ground? People think twice about nickels and dimes because they add up quick. The best way to count pennies is by the pound!
  • If the penny is decommissioned, what do we get for change?
  • No! You can't say something is $1.37 or $0.26. - Ella
  • Should this question even matter. Does it make any difference at all?

Monday, June 4, 2007

What do you do to make the world a better place?

Answers From June 4th Till June 11th:
  • Give second chances (but not thirds)
  • When my dog poops, I use the scoop
  • Give, give, give. And in that we receive the most precious gift of all...Gratitude
  • 36 years as a child protective services social worker, 12 years as a developmental home provider, 3 years WIC program (w/ Bob Kiss!). I'm tired of the walking wounded and the posers who make a living off of them.
  • Make every road a bike path -- Solly
  • Plant seeds and be happy -- Ella
  • Stop worrying about being late -- Chris
  • Do not use car much -- Ella
  • Essential oil room spray freshness
  • Bring diversity. Allow all to be in one place. Burlington is beautiful and natural with clean, crisp air, the lake and the mountains.
  • Work with international environmental policy. It is the last planet we have.
  • Follow the example of Miss Rumphius: do something to make the world a little more beautiful (although the world is pretty beautiful already)
  • I'm a teacher
  • I ask myself that all the time. I try to be nice to people and I think of the song "It's a wonderful world" by Louie Armstrong -- especially the line "what they're really saying is 'I love you'." Bye.
  • How about fighting encroaching Everglade development
  • We don't trample the greens and we smile a lot
  • Get 'rid' of the following: politicians, preachers, teachers, police -- Scott
  • If people just stopped more often and chilled
  • I work in the social service field and am a massage therapist. I love people. -- DT
  • Do not buy conflict diamonds
  • I try to be kind to people and animals, ride a bike as much as possible, and use as little energy as possible. I can't wait for the rails to trail is complete from St. Johnsbury to here. I want to take that trip before I get too old.
  • Create a sustainable community: www.griffinhillvt.com
  • I volunteer at FAHC in the emergency room. - dcs
  • Please, close Depot St. to cars the road says closed on one end and DO NOT ENTER on the other end. All the kids who use Depot St. are in danger of being hit by cars, who are breaking the law by using Depot. Police should take more action against these drivers before there is a disaster.
  • Give out FREE HUGS like Juan Mann. www.myspace.com/freehugsvt
  • Respect each other. Love (yes, Love!) one and all. "Peace, love, joy" Aunt Jemima
  • I don't. At best I don't cause much damage.
  • Bike...of course!
  • Build a compostable toilet / outhouse with a tin roof. Smile more. :-) Spend more time laying in a hammock. Shop thrift and support my community!! (great idea)
  • Ride my bike -- Ella
  • Teach my children to protect our environment, teach by example. Sing, smile and be happy.
  • I give and I care about you, but to be truthful, the less you do the less you have to fix.
  • We need signs on the path advising biers to give notice when overtaking.
  • Need more Plum trees. Thanks. Bryan.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

What do you like to make instead of buy?

Answers from May 20 - June 3, 2007
  • Love!!! obviously (4)
  • Apple pie (2)
  • Bread, mmm... (2)
  • I like making babies (2)
  • Ice cream sodas and music
  • Food...homemade is always better
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies and pizza
  • Ella says lemonade, Garry says music
  • Strawberry rhubarb pie and jewelry
  • Cheese, soap, beer and money (oh wait, that doesn't work so well...)
  • Yogurt
  • Dessert
  • Cards
  • A BLT with my own tomatoes
  • Food, chicken quesadilla w/ apricot papaya salsa
  • Guacamole
  • Tortillas & salsa
  • Happiness!
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Envelopes and stationary
  • Burritos
  • Vegetable curry
  • Beautiful 7 grain bread with seeds because it makes my house smell sweet and warm, because it tastes like real food, and because my hands need to knead.
  • Haircut
  • Clothes (recycled)
  • Eva says brownies, cake, pizza, pesto, macaroni
  • I love to make new clothes out of old ones!
  • Cards, gifts, hummus
  • candles
  • applesauce
  • pesto, laughter, picnics. xoxo
  • Lemonade, Lucy age 4.5
  • Breakfast
  • Cake, cookies, YOU! :)
  • Lighting fixtures (.. and love!)
  • ice cream
  • Greeting Cards
  • Pesto and hair scrunches
  • Salsa with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lemon juice, pepper and salt
  • Fruit salad and hats
  • Scrumptious, stick in your teeth pesto!
  • Stretched canvasses for painting
  • Coffee
  • Music
  • Kids, cakes and biscuits
  • Cookies
  • A global consciousness where we all realize out interconnectedness and interdependence
  • Love, as the Beatles said in Can't Buy Me Love "And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make"
  • Muffins or cookies
  • Greeting cards for birthdays, thank yous, etc.
  • Need cigarette butt cans along path. Oh yeah, pick up your trash and curb your dog!
  • Do it yourself all the way
  • Everything D.I.Y.
  • In order: Hard lemonade, bikes, pie, ethnic foods, love
  • I thought of salad dressing, but then it came to me: my life's purpose
  • Pizza...even though it ends up costing more than take-out it is fun and much more yummy!
  • Art!
  • Strawberry jam
  • Jana and Adam say pesto
  • Monopoly games
  • Forget this question...Who maintains the bike path? Barney Rubble? Pave that #$%*& thing!

What do you want to know about fellow path users?

May 12-20, 2007 answers
  • Who R U and what is this?
  • Do they wish the old mile markers were back? The mile markers were a great way to keep track.
  • I would like to know if my fellow path users think the environment is the greatest priority for our concerns and joys. Steph
  • How they feel about the surface conditions on the path. PS: great idea and great box.
  • Do you wear your helmet? Do you like me? Do you wear boxers or briefs?
  • I'd want to express my gratitude to sister and brother travelers on this path for your hellos, your "on your left" when my little one and I are cruisiung with our stroller at a slow pace, for the bits of overheard conversation for funny moments shared -- like sharing news about smelling the first skunk of spring, not far from where I write this.
  • Will the path be plowed in winter? Can there be a cross country skiing dedicated lane? Can there be extra bike lanes in Burlington?
  • Wow. This is just the best walking and biking path. Nothing like it in Pawlet VT.
  • Do you remember the rules? Pass on left. Stay alert. Be nice.
  • Are you ever afraid of being a victim of crime on the bikepath?
  • What gives you the most enjoyment on the bikepath?
  • Watch out for the invasive bamboo-like weed that is growing right south from here!

What is Burlington Bike Path Speak?

We've installed an informal survey kiosk at mile 1 of the Burlington Bike Path (VT) to generate community discussion on a wide range of topics -- some fun and some serious.

Why do this you ask? Our friend Noah had 31 kiosks left over from his 2006 Northern Forest Canoe Trail survey project. The kiosks were lonely sitting in his back yard. We decided it would be fun to put one of his kiosks on the path and see what happened.

Every week, we'll change the question and post the week's answers here. Simple as that. We hope you'll speak up.

Rebecca and Chapin