Saturday, July 5, 2008

Why Should We Keep Intervale Compost Open?

Well, we finally have set up the TrailSpeak kiosk for 2008. We have asked our kick off question since Burlington's wonderful Intervale Compost facility is under threat of closure. Feel free to come by and sign the petition or call your local and state leaders to urge them to solve the political impasse. Thanks!

Current Answers:
  • Keeping the intervale composting open is compatible with sustainable uses for the intervale area. Keep food out of the landfill.
  • That lovely smell in the Intervale keeps me connected to my food and where it comes from. Let's not forget how we get food.
  • I appreciate the petition and support the Intervale but I didn't sign the petition because I thought putting down my name on an unattended list could create a chance for this info to be misused by someone. Peace.
Petition Signers:
  • Nancy Comstock
  • Jeff Comstock
  • Craig Chipman
  • Lee Lazarev
  • Susan Lazarev
  • Trevor Stuart
  • Bryan Stuart
  • Gary Stuart
  • Phoebe Berkel
  • Bob Berkel
  • Isabel Kloumann

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