Monday, May 30, 2011

What's Been Your Greatest Creation?

  • The love I show my husband.
  • Myself
  • My two children -- Barb
  • Jonah and Ella
  • A windmill that can pull a small weight up with its energy -- Alexandre S.
  • Penny Cluse taco salad
  • Farmhouse corn muffins
  • A great place to wait for the rapture
  • Everything
  • The Burlington Bike Path
  • My imagination -- Faith
  • Fellowship, unity and networks that bring about healing and happiness in the lives of suffering people
  • I've got two, Kezia and Cowan
  • My greatest creations are Ella and Trudy
  • We made an awesome Lego spaceship
  • My first poop on the potty -- Adaline, 3 years old
  • My family -- Elizabeth
  • I built a nice chimney once, oh yeah and a really nice terasse -- Eric
  • I made a cup of coffee once that was pretty good. It needed a lot of sugar though.
  • Everyday
  • A life of happiness with no regrets
  • My daughters
  • My children
  • Our marriage -- Ed and Charlotte
  • My new self
  • I made a Lego spaceship without instructions