Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Current Question: What one event in history would you change...and why?

September / October Answers:
  • The extinction of the dinosaurs. Why? We'd have awesome hunting.
  • Me being bad. ~ Kenadee
  • I would have met my love Theresa sooner so we could have spent even more wonderful years together.
  • Make the reparations imposed on Germany after WWI less harsh. Perhaps this would have prevented their economic collapse which enabled the Nazi's rise to power.
  • I would stop the invention of the wheel so that people would have been more inclined to stay home rather than spreading their stuff on other people's fields. ~ Steph
  • My birth, then I would bear no witness to human's decline.
  • Stop Hitler no later than Czechoslovakia to avoid WWII.
  • The colonization of "primitive" peoples, which then lead to civil wars, genocide, etc.
  • Bush being "elected".
  • I would change it so that nobody would steal stuff.
  • The dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It ushered in a whole new world of violent possibilities that will never be taken back.
  • The invention of welding and forging steel. There would be no guns, cars or mechanized farms.
  • I would change the fact that I ever met Anne.
  • I would take back September 11 -- we wouldn't be scared into really bad decisions.
  • No war because people die a lot. ~ Ella
  • We should have let the South secede the first time.
  • Dan Qualye letting GMO food to the market without any long-term knowledge of the experiment on our food supply, on human beings and plants and animals.
  • The total destruction and desecration of Indian land and culture.
  • I wouldn't change anything. If we change an event it would only happen at another time and place.
  • The birth Jesus Christ. We've been cursed ever since with the arrogant concept that the son of God came to earth...we are all sons and daughters of the great spirit.