Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We have had so much rain this summer. In an effort to look on the bright side lets share what we all love about the rain. My favorite things to do are to go puddle jumping, go for a run, work in the garden (to ensure being really muddy when I'm done) and watch a thunderstorm roll in off the lake. I love the drama of it all. The other bonus is I don't have to water my garden as much.

Here is what you all said you like to do in the rain....

  • Dance (from Shorty)
  • Swim in the rain (from Big John)
  • Get in sweat pants and watch movies with ice cream
  • Go for a run (Jessica)
  • Eat grilled cheese
  • Get wet! (from FTF)
  • Stay in bed with a good book, my good husband, and a good cup of tea
  • Have a water fight
  • Make out (2)
  • Listen to the rain fall on the roof
  • Watch movies and eat dessert (from Emily)
  • Ride my bike (from Rosie)
  • Kiss my girlfriend
  • Run onto the street and then take shelter in a house under construction
  • Read
  • Pay with my dog Cider (from Felipe, age 3)
  • Go inside, go to sleep (from Rosalie, age 3 and 3/4)
  • Play! (from Sadie, age 3 and 1/2)
  • Watch "The Office"...straight up!
  • Late night fugitive adventures. "Until you are ready to leave all behind you, you are not ready for a walk" Thoreau
  • Transplanting in the garden
  • I like to skinny dip in Lake Champlain with all my friends and play drums...but not at the same time. (from HH)
  • Hop and splash (from Kari)
  • Jump in puddles (2)
  • Soccer
  • Sit and watch and smell the wet concrete. If there's lightning I'll get my camera.
  • I like to run in the rain- John.
  • Running in Needam Mass.
  • Make love or walk in the woods
  • Talk to Becky-
  • Catch raindrops on my tongue- Hazel age 5
  • Walk in my rainbow rainboots
  • Run
  • Dance on Isham St.
  • J'aime marcher sous la pluie. -Anne
  • I like the sound of rain.
  • I like to play in the rain
  • Chew cud
  • Camp, but 7 nights of glorious rain is pretty suh-weet too!!
  • Puddle stomping
  • Running around on pavement barefoot, trying to avoid all the earthworms that surface during the storm.
  • Stay inside and read a book, swimming is fun too! SQ
  • Kiss in a swimming hole whilst swimming
  • Play soccer
  • Write songs
  • Ride my bike to Montreal and then in the Tour de l'ile
  • Smooch my man
  • Kiss- Jess
  • Drink hot and tea and listen to the thunder and lightning
  • Bring all my house plants outside
  • Go for a walk barefoot in the forest
  • Read Pride and Prejudice (curled up in bed with a cup of tea and at least one cat for company)
  • Wash my hair
  • Run naked with red rain boots (age 3)
  • Sleep till 3 in the afternoon
  • Splash in puddles- Kenadee
  • Walk in the wood
  • Walk around and listen to Pink Floyd
  • Sit outside on the porch and watch the rain- Jonna
  • Sit on a bench and just let go of all my Y2K-man hang-ups, listen to the rain pitter patter on roofs, awnings feel it drip, dripple on my face and laugh, giggle really. Ooo! especially with my girlfriend- Eric
  • Run topless- mike
  • Watch a movie and cuddle
  • Run in bathing suits in puddles- Wood-lewis family
  • Cook, or take a bath with candles and read in the water
  • Sing-Blaire
  • Splash in puddles
  • Get wet!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Why Should We Keep Intervale Compost Open?

Well, we finally have set up the TrailSpeak kiosk for 2008. We have asked our kick off question since Burlington's wonderful Intervale Compost facility is under threat of closure. Feel free to come by and sign the petition or call your local and state leaders to urge them to solve the political impasse. Thanks!

Current Answers:
  • Keeping the intervale composting open is compatible with sustainable uses for the intervale area. Keep food out of the landfill.
  • That lovely smell in the Intervale keeps me connected to my food and where it comes from. Let's not forget how we get food.
  • I appreciate the petition and support the Intervale but I didn't sign the petition because I thought putting down my name on an unattended list could create a chance for this info to be misused by someone. Peace.
Petition Signers:
  • Nancy Comstock
  • Jeff Comstock
  • Craig Chipman
  • Lee Lazarev
  • Susan Lazarev
  • Trevor Stuart
  • Bryan Stuart
  • Gary Stuart
  • Phoebe Berkel
  • Bob Berkel
  • Isabel Kloumann