Sunday, May 20, 2007

What do you want to know about fellow path users?

May 12-20, 2007 answers
  • Who R U and what is this?
  • Do they wish the old mile markers were back? The mile markers were a great way to keep track.
  • I would like to know if my fellow path users think the environment is the greatest priority for our concerns and joys. Steph
  • How they feel about the surface conditions on the path. PS: great idea and great box.
  • Do you wear your helmet? Do you like me? Do you wear boxers or briefs?
  • I'd want to express my gratitude to sister and brother travelers on this path for your hellos, your "on your left" when my little one and I are cruisiung with our stroller at a slow pace, for the bits of overheard conversation for funny moments shared -- like sharing news about smelling the first skunk of spring, not far from where I write this.
  • Will the path be plowed in winter? Can there be a cross country skiing dedicated lane? Can there be extra bike lanes in Burlington?
  • Wow. This is just the best walking and biking path. Nothing like it in Pawlet VT.
  • Do you remember the rules? Pass on left. Stay alert. Be nice.
  • Are you ever afraid of being a victim of crime on the bikepath?
  • What gives you the most enjoyment on the bikepath?
  • Watch out for the invasive bamboo-like weed that is growing right south from here!

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