Saturday, May 29, 2010

What Do You Pledge To Do For Yourself This Summer?

  • Save enough money to move to Florida in the fall
  • Get fit! Wahoo! Love myself more!
  • Play!
  • Own a giraffe
  • Ride 50 miles for VT Cares on the Champ Ride! Go team Bike Recycle!
  • I pledge to honor my soul and my body so that I might make a difference in my community. I pledge to do this by slowing down sometimes, honoring my breath and maintaining the best balance I can. Because I can. C.K.
  • Hi Rebecca and Chapin. See you in the relay?! ~ Ginger
  • Lose weight
  • Drink a fish
  • Go boating
  • Quit my job. Hoorah!
  • Be carried by my cousin so I don't have to walk
  • Lean mad German. ~ JP
  • Play more drums!
  • Enjoy the locality of food and all of its goodness.
  • Nice project! What happened to my most embarrassing moment question? My new answer: AC
  • Go to the beaches and ride my bike and maybe go to Montreal
  • Thank you to the amazing groundsman for cleaning up the foliage that grew overnight.
  • I pledge to poop everyday (Ed note: thanks for the cute kid drawing)
  • I will exercise more!
  • Swimming - Julie
  • Move my body!
  • Get a job. ~ Dave
  • Swim (a lot)