Monday, May 31, 2010

When Was the Last Time You Wrote a Real Letter?

Current Answers:
  • Every month I send birthday cards to my friends!
  • Last month I wrote many letters to people who helped me. ~ Celia
  • Last month ~ Lylie
  • Two days ago
  • Last summer when at camp
  • A month or so ago
  • To you! Because I graduated and you're awesome! Love, Ectocooler (Thanks Emily!)
  • Two months to the day. I never heard back from her either.
  • Yesterday
  • 2002
  • 3 weeks ago
  • Dear Chapin and Rebecca. Right now! Sincerely, Meg
  • I right letters all the time. My grandma doesn't like computers so I right her letters all the time.
  • May 2, 2010
  • If postcards count, 9 months. If not, then six years, when my brother was in basic training.
  • This morning.
  • The last time I used the postal service to correspond was about a month ago...if we aren't counting postcards because I sent 3 of these in the last 2 weeks. I like the act of writing out thoughts, it can be a cathartic, centering activity if you find the right rhythm. I also love getting the fanciest stamps they carry at the post office and I always hand decorate my envelopes with lots of flare. Email could never replace the thoughtful and romantic medium of letter writing. ~ Trish, ONE
  • 2 years ago when my best friend was living in Spain. Also, your box is infested with ants. ~ S.E.W.
  • A. Just now.
  • 2 days ago. It's important, especially for our elders who don't use computers.
  • When a long-time friend went to Boot Camp in Missouri last summer. BTW, she is the stereotypical blonde who survived and thrived in the army. Amazing person.
  • I am still an avid fan of letters! I hope it never becomes obsolete! ~ Suzanne
  • I wrote real letters when I was in prison. By hand on lined paper. Very civilized. ~ R.L.
  • The last time I wrote a letter was last summer to my friend in Utah. ~ T.M.C.
  • I think the last time I wrote a real letter was at camp last year. I know this is going to change since two really good friends of mine are going to the Air Force Academy.
We also got a number of very random responses to this question, including:
  • Dear bikeway: Thank you for the tools to express my appreciation for surroundings and splendor. We are lucky folk. Love and kisses, the Maple Queen
  • Dear Burlington: I hold this truth to be self-evident: that all drivers should be well aware of the cones at workzones. Follow the cone tapers with their respective 'keep right' signs. Follow your nose wherever it goes. Sincerely, a worker in Burlington
  • I wish there could be less fuzz in the air.
  • Do not ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
  • Are you a believer? ~ Greg
  • I eat watermelon. Yes.