Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Was Your Most Embarassing Moment?

  • I had a huge crush on Mike Czhicowski in the 11th grade. When I heard that his grandmother had died I badked almond cookies and brought them to his house. His mother answered the door and asked who I was. All I could say was "Mike?" She rolled her eyes and called him over. He came to the door and our conversation when something like this:
me: "hi"
Mike: "What are you doing here?"
me: "um... I baked you cookies."
Mike: "uhuh, why?"
me: "cause uh...."
Mike: "oh.... what kind are they?"
me: "almond"
Mike: "I'm allergic to nuts."
  • I spoke Japanese to someone who was Korean, they got really offended.
  • um.... I dropped my skirt in the middle of Hannaford's and everybody saw.
  • I had my period in front of the whole school in seventh grade. I bled on an Adirondack chair.
  • My boyfriend and I got caught "hooking up" at a beach. They called our parents.
  • When I peed my pants while on stage during a high school production of Alice in Wonderland. Oy!
  • My friend pants'ed me in front of a lot of people (at a hotel)
  • Talking about someone at a party and having them standing behind me. Whoops!
  • Meeting my boyfriend's parents on 4/20 at Ridin' High skate shop where I worked. Sleeping in a hammock and got out with my butt asleep. Knocked over the whole row of mopeds in front of his parents. Eek!
  • Getting stopped and searched at the Canadian border. They found weed residue and a bowl.
  • Cutting a girl's lip with my braces while engaging in my first French kiss.
  • When I went to school without my glasses for the first time.
  • When I got angry at the wrong person.
  • When I knocked over the speakers at an orchestra concert.
  • When I didn't know how to kiss.
  • Your sign spelled "embarrassing" incorrectly, that's embarrassing! (Ed note: Yup, we forgot one of the "r"s, whoops!)