Monday, June 18, 2007

What is the best thing about your dad?

In honor of Father's day...

This question received a lot of answers. Check it out...
  • My dad made the best fried-egg sandwiches
  • He plays all the sports with me and is good at baking. - Ella
  • I like to play fight with him - Sammy, age 5
  • How strong he is - Alida, age 7
  • I like his hair.- Eliot age 2
  • He is cool. We bike and have fun together.
  • He is retired and now works for me. Couldn't ask for anyone better!
  • He believes in Jesus Christ.
  • The guy is a freakin' comedian.
  • His integrity - Mark
  • His love of nature - Barb
  • His generosity and friendliness - Ron
  • Integrity
  • He taught me how to skip stones and he was really awesome at it too (more than 12 times with one stone)
  • His gratitude and kindness
  • He loves my humor and gives perfect advice
  • His big bear hugs and warm, gruff personality
  • He was a cowboy and he loved me very much - Coyote
  • The fact that he's my dad ;)
  • He's really nice and funny
  • He's the most self-less person I know. I love him. - Karrie
  • He's just fun to be with!
  • That he has a great sense of humor, is a little goofy and knows more about math than anyone really needs or wants to know.
  • Hmmm...He flys a plane, and sometimes flies me and my friends to places...very convenient.
  • He always seems to know the right thing to say when you need a smile
  • My dad reminds me of pontoon boats and sailboats! Katie
  • I like my Dad's SMILE! HE always smiles and he's always optimistic, unlike me sometimes. -Jess
  • My dad is dependable, responsible, always there when you need him. He's friendly a dn has a great smile. He also has great moral values. - Deb
  • My dad is always there for me. -Max
  • Pop has unending enthusiasm for hikes, bikes, skis etc. Aways up for it, encouraging me.
  • His easy going personality. He never gets upset.
  • His smile
  • His self-confidence, which he passed along to me.
  • He plays baseball with me. -Ella
  • He's wise, kind and loves good food and wine.
  • That he pays me well.
  • He's smart, environmentally conscious, he believes in me and loves me. P.S. makes the best popcorn ever!!
  • My dad's compassion for all people.
  • I like him... no I love him. Matt age 32
  • He loves me unconditionally.
  • Have you got nothing better to do!!!! - Dave

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