Monday, June 4, 2007

What do you do to make the world a better place?

Answers From June 4th Till June 11th:
  • Give second chances (but not thirds)
  • When my dog poops, I use the scoop
  • Give, give, give. And in that we receive the most precious gift of all...Gratitude
  • 36 years as a child protective services social worker, 12 years as a developmental home provider, 3 years WIC program (w/ Bob Kiss!). I'm tired of the walking wounded and the posers who make a living off of them.
  • Make every road a bike path -- Solly
  • Plant seeds and be happy -- Ella
  • Stop worrying about being late -- Chris
  • Do not use car much -- Ella
  • Essential oil room spray freshness
  • Bring diversity. Allow all to be in one place. Burlington is beautiful and natural with clean, crisp air, the lake and the mountains.
  • Work with international environmental policy. It is the last planet we have.
  • Follow the example of Miss Rumphius: do something to make the world a little more beautiful (although the world is pretty beautiful already)
  • I'm a teacher
  • I ask myself that all the time. I try to be nice to people and I think of the song "It's a wonderful world" by Louie Armstrong -- especially the line "what they're really saying is 'I love you'." Bye.
  • How about fighting encroaching Everglade development
  • We don't trample the greens and we smile a lot
  • Get 'rid' of the following: politicians, preachers, teachers, police -- Scott
  • If people just stopped more often and chilled
  • I work in the social service field and am a massage therapist. I love people. -- DT
  • Do not buy conflict diamonds
  • I try to be kind to people and animals, ride a bike as much as possible, and use as little energy as possible. I can't wait for the rails to trail is complete from St. Johnsbury to here. I want to take that trip before I get too old.
  • Create a sustainable community:
  • I volunteer at FAHC in the emergency room. - dcs
  • Please, close Depot St. to cars the road says closed on one end and DO NOT ENTER on the other end. All the kids who use Depot St. are in danger of being hit by cars, who are breaking the law by using Depot. Police should take more action against these drivers before there is a disaster.
  • Give out FREE HUGS like Juan Mann.
  • Respect each other. Love (yes, Love!) one and all. "Peace, love, joy" Aunt Jemima
  • I don't. At best I don't cause much damage.
  • Bike...of course!
  • Build a compostable toilet / outhouse with a tin roof. Smile more. :-) Spend more time laying in a hammock. Shop thrift and support my community!! (great idea)
  • Ride my bike -- Ella
  • Teach my children to protect our environment, teach by example. Sing, smile and be happy.
  • I give and I care about you, but to be truthful, the less you do the less you have to fix.
  • We need signs on the path advising biers to give notice when overtaking.
  • Need more Plum trees. Thanks. Bryan.


Chapin Spencer said...

Rebecca and I are constantly amazed at how active Burlington residents are in our community...and in world at large. We asked this question because we were curious to hear all the different ways each one of us does our small piece to improve the world. Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

sometimes I leave the world alone ...sometimes I bother it ...I
try to make sad children happy and laugh so faires can continue to exist
love fundarr