Monday, July 16, 2007

What Is One Thing To Make Burlington A Better Town?

  • Wireless internet in City parks
  • Livable wages for Burlington School District support staff
  • Buses that run on Sundays
  • Less roads and more trees and bike paths
  • More dirty secrets
  • Better public transit
  • Progressives who would start acting progressive and listen to the people who love this town!
  • More people just like me...and Chapin - Liam (Thanks Liam, you get extra credit for this answer)
  • Less police violence and less pedophiles
  • More code enforcement so families will stay in Burlington
  • Real good men in their 30's ;-)
  • My ex-girlfriend moving!
  • Recycle bins on the bike path. Maybe 1 or 2 at each park area. Thanks for your service.
  • College students who don't litter or swear when they're standing outside the bars. One thing the town doesn't need - another yoga studio.
  • A little taqueria right next to Speeder & Earls on Pine Street. Nothing fancy - just a stand with real Mexican food, open early in the morning and late at night for hungry people. I will run it if someone will fund it! I'll use all green products, too. - Graciela P.
  • More alternative energy like wind and solar
  • Improved bike lanes
  • No open container law on Church Street
  • Get more New Yorkers to move here! Love, Fundarr
  • More Folk Food patties! hee, hee
  • More hours of bus service - evenings and weekends (love your surveys)
  • Jobs, affordable housing and free ice cream on Tuesday.
  • The first Friday art opening should include outdoor music events. - Seth
  • More control over loitering and pan handling. :-)
  • A carless downtown like Copenhagen. Thanks!
  • A good skatepark. No bad cops.
  • Eliminate graffiti.
  • Free buses and public transportation for all! - Heather
  • Affordable housing.
  • Church Street should be run by the city or community -- not by an organization.
  • More bike lanes in town, better public transportation, and more jobs.
  • Get rid of Moran plant and build recreation center / marketplace / parking / commercial space.
  • Less Progressives.
  • Make Burlington smoke free. Ban smoking.
  • Decriminalize marijuana.
  • Connect bike path to others in the region
  • Increase the amount of forested open space that is available to the public -- five times what we have now, at least
  • I would like to see the bike path plowed and salted during the winter. - Dr. Dave
  • Repair this great bike path that we have. It is so beat.
  • Fix our transportation problems- crossing lights, paths, streets, sidewalks. The police need to enforce and the city needs to provide.
  • More trails like this one. More buses like College St. shuttle.
  • More Minorities!
  • More Single Men!
  • NO HIPPIES!!! and the evaporation of annoying grassroots bull#$%* like this stupid "trailspeak" thing. Please take this thing down and stop disrupting my peaceful commute to work.
  • A real network of bike paths, specifically for transportation- no pedestrians taking up path dawdling over entire lane area- which is OK for a wreck (sic) path, but for real commuters-bike commuters. That would dramatically improve B-town area.
  • Maintain bikepath
  • People should stop running redlights.
  • Cleaner lake areas. Ecoli- eww
  • Remove the stinky water /sewage treatment plant from the waterfront.
  • Lower taxes/ Cleaner lake/ more bikepaths.
  • More variety in people and political viewpoints (though there's not much anyone can do about this one)
  • Burlington would be a much better place if Bill Jones would marry me. Potter
  • More bikes, less cars!
I am amazed how many people want more and better transportation and bike facilities. I just warms my heart- rg


Anonymous said...

Open a community to support the homeless folks in Burlington. They are for the most part very friendly, but sometimes can cause trouble or be problematic...

Anonymous said...

There are many outlets for the homeless here in Burlington. This town has more options for the homeless then some cities I've seen.

Damon said...

The "bike paths, specifically for transportation" are called streets - I find them much faster and more predictable than the "bike path."

Also I would guess the amount of comments regarding transportation has a lot to do with the location of the survey.

Anonymous said...

4 more months of summer would make Burlington perfect