Sunday, August 5, 2007

What is your most embarassing moment?

August Answers:

We can't wait to see what our public will reveal. Some of the hardest moments in our lives. Often ones we will never forget no matter how hard we try...
  • When my mom calls me squiggy in front of everyone. - Theodore
  • I am embarrassed that I have nothing to say that you would print.
  • When my brother put something in someone else's pocket. - Eva
  • Wow, free pen. Thanks!
  • I crashed into the bagel store in Shelburne two years ago!
  • I was skate boarding with a frozen blended coffee and hit a pebble on Church St. The drink hit the ground forming a perfect puddle which I landed in in front of some of the most attractive people I would never meet. :(
  • One time I pushed back too hard on my bike pedal and fell off my seat. - Sammy, age 5
  • I was in class leaning in my seat, fell backward hit my head on the water fountain.
  • When I was in first grade I was heading out of school with everyone. A teacher came up to me and pulled on my was caught in my backpack! - Juliana
  • When I was 11, my parents at the supper table told jokes about the moile who circumcised me and what an awful job he did.
  • When I got sick and had to go to bed at my own birthday sleepover. - E.P., age 11
  • Once my next door neighbors pulled down my pants, ALida, age 7
  • Once, I accidentally "fluffed" after prom when I was sleeping in the car with my boyfriend of 2 months. Luckily he wasn't too grossed out.
  • Tired from shopping I walked into a 3-way mirror and said "Oh, excuse me, I'm sorry" to myself!
  • A classic -- my skirt was tucked all the way into my nylons in the back -- full butt exposure -- walking down the hall in high school
  • When I was four, I passed gas on an airplane and said "I have gas" - A. from S. Burlington
  • I labelled a power point presentation as my power point, but abbreviated it "my pp" so at a talk of lots of scientists it opened up on the big screen as "my pp"
  • Going to the beach with my bikini on, but forgetting I was still wearing a front closure bra that I had simply unhooked the late night prior. I didn't discover what I'd done until I was at a busy beach on the Cape...and I had to try and wrestle off the bra with everyone behind me.
  • I guess I've had a few...once I stood up in fourth grade to recite a story and I was so thin (at the time) that my skirt fell down in front of the whole class! Going to school was a little harder for the rest of the spring. - Karen
  • When I was seven, we were at my grandpa's house in Oklahoma for Christmas. I fell off the top bunk one morning with the whole family sitting around the bunkhouse drinking coffee. Uncles, aunts, cousins, grandpa, parents, everybody laughed. So embarrassing. - Coyote
  • I don't get embarrassed too after cutting a male client's hair in Burlington, he noticed this funny wire poking out of my shirt. It was the underwire from my bra! So I wore it as a head band for the rest of the day. Not embarrassing, just funny.
  • I was 15 and in Cancun with my family. I wanted to be off in the water alone to look cool or whatever. I was taken by a wave and came up topless. A man came over and asked me if I was ok? I was completely embarrassed and feeling very uncool.
  • I was 15 and my super cool cousin who was in a SKA band invited me to come to his practice. I had a huge crush on his trumpet player and was trying to be cool and was too busy doing so to notice the spring loaded door which consequently slammed on my head. Not cool! Or the time I set off the fire alarm at the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore when I was with my girl scout troop. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT.
  • I "shorted" in the 6th grade and my brother told all my friends even when my mom told him not to.
  • At the World Boy Scout Jamboree Alberta 1983. They had these big latrine tents -- the "stalls" only partioned on the bottom, so you could see other people from the chest up. I walking into one, saw several guys -- and as a very self conscious teenager, I immediately left without relieving myself. I found another latrine tent with nobody inside, so I rushed in, took a seat, and hoped I could finish before anyone came in. Halfway through, two women appeared at the door of the tent. I startled and the immediately left -- but called from the outside of the tent that I was in the women's bathroom. Oops! At least they were kind enough to guard the door until I finished... - Dave, Jericho, VT

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